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  • Dental Health Month


    Did you know that our pets get dental disease just like we do? Plaque and calculus buildup, gingivitis, gum erosion and broken and infected teeth are some, but not all, of the common dental concerns that we see in dogs and cats. Bacteria are attracted to teeth as soon as within hours of being cleaned.…

  • New Year, New Pet Part 2 – Information on spaying and neutering your new cat or dog


    One of the most important things to think about when getting a new cat or dog is spaying and neutering. This is an important consideration to prevent various health concerns. For females, these include breast cancer and infection of the uterus (pyometra). For males, testicular cancer and infection of the prostate. For both, surgical sterilization…

  • Tips for Bringing Home a New Dog

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  • Is your pet protected against Lyme disease?

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    What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is caused by a bacterial shaped bacterium called Borrelia Burgdorferi. It can be transmitted to humans, dogs and other animals through the bite of a tick. The primary carrier of the Borrelia bacteria is the Blacklegged Tick also known as the “Deer Tick”, which is common in our area.…

  • Our Patients First Visit to the Veterinarian 2020


    Your furry friends are part of our family here at EPVVH! We are always welcoming new patients, and we love showing them off!                

  • 4Dx Testing


    Even though our temperature is up and down through the winter, here in Nova Scotia we need to be worried about ticks every month of the year. Knowing that dogs spend time in the same area that their humans spend time, and that Lyme disease is increasing every year, we want to remind everyone that…

  • The Importance of a Microchip

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    A microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice. The microchip itself does not have a battery—it is activated by a scanner that is passed over the area, and the radio waves put out by the scanner activate the chip. The…

  • 5 Ways to HAVE FUN with your Cat!

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    Cats have acquired many reputations as their media portrayal is always changing, but a persistent belief that continues to show up is that cats are lazy and uncooperative. Some people would probably say, “If you want a fun animal, get a dog!” The truth is that there are many ways to engage with cats to…

  • Feces eating in Dogs and Cats: Why do they do that?!!

    Eating feces (known as coprophagia) is a frustrating thing. You may have a dog or cat that is constantly trying to eat their own (or others) feces and unfortunately this can be a hard habit to break. There is nothing worse than chasing your dog around the backyard as he playfully runs away, or seeing…

  • Meet Nepeta!


    If you were to poll veterinary employees about their pets, you would find that the majority have minimum one oddball. It might be due to a medical condition that developed after we’ve had them, but sometimes we know that we are committing to a pet who needs unique care. Our technician Christie knew exactly what…