Service Animals

Here at the Eastern Passage Village Veterinary Hospital (EPVVH) we have a deep connection with Service Dogs and their organizations. At our hospital has many clients who have these dogs as important members of their family. One of our technician team members has trained with Service dogs. She has had first-hand experience living with a Service Dog team for more than 6 years and has participated in refresher training with Service Dog Professionals and has performed public access testing in Dartmouth and Kansas. 

We are proud to offer preferred discounts to registered Service Dogs, please ask us for details at any time. 

In order to enhance your experience at EPVVH we recognize that these animals are used for medical purposes and are not pets, but are very important to the well-being of their Handlers. With this in mind, we strive to achieve the best care possible so your service animal is healthy and ready for work.

Ways we can help include
  1. You can call from the parking lot and enter our building through a private side door in order to avoid any other clients or animals in our waiting room. This can help to drastically decrease noise and light stimulation.
  2. Our private exam room has low lighting, increased floor space and is farther away from the action of the reception area. 
  3. We have team members who have had specialty training in the area of Service Dogs who can facilitate any special requests that might be needed. 
  4. We respect Service Dogs and their Handlers. We will ask for permission before working with the dog/offering treats/etc. 
  5. We happily provide services with the Handler present, such as: Nail trims, anal gland expression, blood draws. We can even have the Handler wait directly outside of diagnostic imaging should x-rays need to be taken. 
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