September is Happy Healthy Cat Month!

Although we spend our entire year trying to make sure all of our feline patients are happy and healthy, September is the OFFICIAL month to celebrate!

It is a common misconception that cats are self-reliant and don’t need as much attention as dogs. Cats are extremely social creatures, and require the same amount of care and attention that we provide our canine companions. They are highly motivated, and can be trained just like dogs. Some cats can even be leash trained! Providing adequate mental and physical stimulation is crucial in maintaining the health of your cat.

Historically, cats were used as a method of pest control, keeping mice and other vermin away from our food storage. Now that they are domesticated we must find ways to keep them entertained, as they are not getting the stimulation from hunting as they did in the past. Playing games with your cat is a great way to keep them stimulated. Toys that resemble mice or birds are probably the most favored. Many cat toys have strings or wands attached to them which can be dragged or wiggled and gives cats the opportunity to hunt and pounce as they would in the wild.  

Cats like to scratch too.  One reason they do this is to remove the outer layer of their claws to expose newer, sharper claws. They also scratch to mark their territory, to play and to stretch. Providing cats with scratching posts and cat trees will help make sure they don’t use your new sofa or carpet as a scratch pad.  Regular nail trimmings should be done to ensure their nails don’t grow too long. Touch their paws often when they are kittens and reward them when they are done. This will make the nail trimming process less difficult when they are older. 

Felines are fantastic at hiding illness. In the wild, animals that are sick are easily targeted by predators so cats will tend to hide away if they aren’t feeling well. Watching for normal cat behaviors such as hunting and scratching is a good way to make sure they are happy and healthy. If you notice your cat is not participating in its normal everyday activities, it might be a sign that something is wrong.  Annual physical exams are important to make sure your cat is healthy on the inside and out, even if they aren’t showing any signs of illness.

Did you know we are a feline friendly veterinary practice? We understand that veterinary visits can be stressful. We strive to make our veterinary hospital comfortable and stress-free for cats. Getting in the carrier, travelling in the car, and waiting in strange smelling exam rooms can all be very overwhelming for cats. We provide calming pheromones, private areas, and well trained staff to ensure they have a relaxing visit with us.

We are celebrating cats all month long! If your cat is due for an annual wellness exam, please call us at (902) 465-1213 or e-mail us at to discuss your options.