Pet Health Insurance – Sheldon’s Story

SheldonThis story actually happened before Sheldon ever got injured. I had two cats at the time, Sheldon and Spencer. The whole pet insurance idea was something I heard about, but wasn’t very interested in at first, but that all changed when Spencer got sick, and the only way we would’ve been able to have a chance at saving him would cost us over $2000.00 – money we didn’t have access to. So we had to make the painful decision to put him down. It was devastating!

I realized at that point that if we had pet insurance we would’ve received help financially and we may’ve been able to do more for our poor cat Spencer.

That’s when I decided to purchase the pet insurance through PC Pet Financial for our cat Sheldon. And thankfully I did! Because just 3 months after Spencer got sick, Sheldon got injured! He broke his leg and needed surgery. Thankfully, the pet insurance came through for us we were able to afford the surgery, and Sheldon is as good as new today!

I fear that if I decided not to get pet insurance, Sheldon wouldn’t be with us. The total cost of the diagnosis, meds, X-rays and the surgery itself would’ve been too overwhelming for my husband and I to handle and we would’ve been forced to euthanize an otherwise healthy and loving animal.

I am definitely all for pet health insurance! Your pets are your family, and sometimes life throws you curve-balls, you never know when your pet may get sick or injured (just like your kids!) but having pet insurance could mean the difference of life or death for your pet, and getting pet insurance now while your pets are healthy is the BEST time to get it!

Thanks for taking the time to read Sheldon’s Story.

And thanks again to the BEYOND wonderful care team at eastern passage vet! You all were amazing with Sheldon and we thank you again for that!

Thanks, Sheldon’s mom and dad: Lacey and Jon