Making Cat Nail Trims Fun!

By: Dr. Karen Keizer

image1If possible start training your cat when they are young to enjoy having their nails trimmed. Find a treat you kitten/cat really likes.

Get your clippers out, and let your cat smell them and then give him/her a treat. I prefer this style of nail trimmers.

I often sit on the floor and will hold my cat on my lap with her head facing away from me.

Put your cat in this position and give a treat. Then cut one toe nail and give your cat a treat. It is important that you cut only the tip of the nail off.

If you cut the nail too short it will hurt, and bleed. Until your cat is comfortable and used to having their nails done, just trim 1 nail, and finish for the day.

Keep working on this ritual and eventually, hopefully your cats will see their manicure/pedicure as a luxury and not a chore.