Weight Loss and Obesity – Pet of the Week

By: Andrea Marshall

calliebeforepicMeet Callie!

I first met Callie about a year ago, because she was limping and very painful in her hind end. When she arrived for her appointment, she weighed in at 74.7 lb. Callie’s exam with her veterinarian showed that her body condition score was measured at 8 points on a scale of 9 (4.5/9 being ideal body condition). She was well above a healthy weight and needed to lose over 10 lb. to help alleviate her joints of the added stress.

Callie’s worried family took her home with a prescription anti-inflammatories for her pain and inflammation, glucosamine and omega fatty acid supplements for maintaining joint health, and a plan. A plan to lose help Callie lose weight, and to gain back the energetic side of Callie. Callie was a perfect candidate for the Purina Veterinary Diet Overweight Management, and Project Pet Slim Down.

One of the things that stood out the most to Callie’s mum about getting Callie started on a weight loss program was the fact that Callie can’t open the fridge and make a snack for herself…she eats what is given to her, and it all adds up. A little something here and there all adds up somewhere.

At her first weigh-in, just 3 weeks later, Callie had lost almost 2 lb. By March 2012, Callie had lost 9.2 lb. and felt great! Her family noticed a huge difference in her energy level and her overall well-being. At her annual physical examination, in August of this year, Callie’s body condition score had gone from its initial 8/9, down to 5.5/9.

Today Callie weighed in at 58.8 lb. and has been maintaining this weight for several weeks. For Callie, the combined help of her diligent and attentive family, routine weigh-ins and veterinary team, Callie has lost 16 lb. of excess weight.

Callie will celebrate her 8th birthday this month, and thanks to her family’s dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise Callie no longer requires prescription medications for pain control and is full of life, energy and appreciation for her the hard work of her wonderful family.