Miracle Babies

By: Dr. Lesley Steele

A beautiful cat was brought to see me last week by SPCA that had been in labour for 48 hours when surrendered to them. She was in bad shape and I was more worried about her surviving the c-section and held no hope for the kittens. Kathy from the SPCA stayed to help along with Norah, Heaven-Leigh and Seanagh, my most awesome tech. I quickly did the surgery and the momma did great, now for the miracle.

My team worked on the babies for 1.5 hours, none were breathing, all were full of fluid in their lungs. I felt horrible because every so often one of the kittens would take a breath then stop but these girls kept trying so hard.

After 90 minutes the weak but alive kittens were placed with their mom and we went home for the night. Sadly the little girl who was stuck in the birth canal didn’t make it but 3 did, I have never seen anything like this in 15 years of practice, these babies survived because my team would not give up, I am so lucky to work with them every day.