By Dr Courtney Sherlock

Even the most caring pet parents are often unprepared to handle expensive veterinary treatments and surgeries that accidents or illness can bring. For instance should your pet ingest a foreign body that requires surgery to remove, treatment costs may range from $800-2000. Or, if your cat develops urinary crystals and becomes “blocked” (unable to urinate) surgery and treatment may range from $600 to $2000. A large portion of these charges are covered by most insurance companies, with low monthly premiums.

Veterinary insurance is a way to protect the members of your family who do not carry a health card. If your pet’s health is covered, you are protected from the financial stress that an unexpected illness can bring, leaving you to concentrate on helping your furry friend get healthy again. There are many reputable companies now offering veterinary insurance, including those that may already insure your home, automobile, or the health of your human family members. We encourage all pet owners to take time to research the various insurance companies available and decide which plan is best for them. This can be a daunting task so feel free to call, or stop by your local veterinary hospital for more information on where to start your search.