Dogs Eat Everything!

Everyone has been there, you’re at work and you get the dreaded phone call from home, and panic sets in.

I was working Thursday night, and I received a phone call from my boyfriend Richard. “Dudley’s eye looks red, and his whole face is swollen!” I immediately stop asking questions and told him to bring Dudley right into the hospital. Upon arrival, Dudley is jumping and running around like normal, except his whole face and muzzle were completely swollen. Thanks to Dr. Keizer, who gave Dudley a complete examination, determined he had an allergic reaction, most likely from a spider bite. We were able to give him a steroid injection of Dexamethasone, which completely resolved the swelling in his face.


The next day, I received another phone call from Richard while I was at work. This time it was a little more serious. Dudley is not crate trained; he is kept in a small bedroom with the door shut while we are not home. When Richard came home to let the dogs outside, he saw that Dudley had vomited profusely all over his bedroom. Unable to get the dogs into the hospital right away, I drove home to pick him up. When I got there, I noticed that Dudley had eaten a large chunk of wood out of the side of our dresser. Dr. Pollard did a full examination of Dudley, and determined that he was no longer painful in his abdomen. To ensure there were no pieces of wood remaining in his bowels, we did an x-ray which was free and clear of any concerns. To control his vomiting we administered a medication to prevent vomiting known as Cerenia. Dudley feels much better now, but to ensure he doesn’t have an experience like this again, I purchased a crate of suitable size for his breed, and we are now in the process of crate training.

Although crate training can be a lot of work, I feel much more at ease knowing that my dogs are safe and sound in their kennels while I am not at home.