In January 2013, we posted a survival story of dear little Rudy. Rudy had been rushed to us for medical treatment of injuries he sustained. Months later Rudy’s recovery process continues under the loving supervision of his mum, Coleen. I know many of you have asked over the past several months for updates on Rudy, and Coleen has some fantastic news to share!

“Rudolph (aka Rudy) Eastern Passage Village Veterinary’s miracle kitten at Christmas joined our family in January 2013.

We already had this wonderful 4 year old stray we had taken in called “Romeo”. He was the street stray for about 3 years, became hurt, then found his forever home under our roof.

I brought Rudy home one weekend in January to give him a break from the kennel at work. I did not intend to keep him.  He had a very special personality, with a few special needs.  Rudy was missing his hind feet due to trauma incurred outside as a young kitten, as well has needing to have half of his tail amputated.

Rudy of course, loved Romeo from the minute he saw him…Romeo was not as impressed at first. Within 24 hours, Romeo had a “mini-me” in Rudy. Rudy was fearless the way he ran around, jumped, played and climbed.  One leg was about 1/4″ shorter than the other and his hind legs were not yet calloused, making them very tender still. We have hardwood floors in our home, so when Rudy would jump down, it was painful. I started putting small pillows in front of chairs, sofa, bed and windows.  Anywhere I thought he would try to climb up or down, I wanted to make the landing soft for him.  Rudy learned very quickly how to use these pillows and would use the cushions to get up and down. He is a very smart little boy, too smart sometimes!  Romeo made a great “mother” cat and taught Rudy well, he watched and learned a lot, mimicking Romeo’s every move. Rudy watched Romeo get on his hind legs to ask to be picked up, Rudy would then try to balance to be picked up too.

Rudy is a happy young cat that is totally fearless and unaware that he doesn’t have hind feet. He can climb, run, jump and wrestle like any other cat.  He does need help once in a while climbing as he doesn’t have hind feet for gripping or balance.  He has given us a few “OMG” moments to say the least. The first time he got up on the windowsill by himself, he was very small and I still don’t know how he got up there. I’ve caught The time he was sleeping on top of the boxes in the basement that were 6′ high… I don’t know how he got up there either!  One morning I turned around and he was sitting on our kitchen counter. It is fairly high, and I did not see him jump up.  I did pick him up, scruff him and told him “NO”. He has never gotten up on the kitchen counter again.  I was concerned with him being fearless, he would burn his toes on the stove. Luckily Romeo doesn’t get up on the counter, so Rudy is copying big brother thank goodness!

At first, Rudy’s social skills were very awkward. He didn’t know how to “skurf” properly.  He would “bop” you with his head hard! We would joke about his awkward social skills, but Rudy kept trying and finally got it right. Now he skurfs all the time.  He has come a long way in a short time.  He is an active crazy kitten that wants to learn everything at once!

He has given us many laughs and has impressed us on many occasions. Rudy has been a welcome addition to our family! And as his adventures continue, I will share them.”

– Coleen Pride