Dr. Courtney Sherlock grew up in Fall River, Nova Scotia. She now lives in Cow Bay with her husband Adam and three children. Along with the human family members, they currently have two dogs, four cats and 12 pet chickens. They fight the urge daily to grow their fur/feathered family.

When Dr. Sherlock was in university, her first dog had some medical issues and that experience led her to join the field of veterinary medicine. She has greatly enjoyed seeing clients and growing her professional career through Eastern Passage vet over the last 15 years. She started at this hospital in 2006 as a part time associate veterinarian, and now is the owner of EPVVH as well as several other veterinary hospitals.

Her passion is supporting her team and trying to find ways every day that she can make their lives easier, improve the customer experience and help more pets live long and healthy lives! When she isn’t working in the veterinary hospitals, you can often see Dr. Sherlock running around the roads and trails of Cow Bay.