Caitlin grew up in the small town of Marie Joseph, down on the Eastern shore. Currently she lives in her grandparents old home in Lawrencetown.

Since she was knee high, she always wanted to become a veterinarian or work with animals. Her passion for animals took her to the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus where she has been taking classes for the past few years.  She started volunteering at a animal clinic, and that lead her to working at a clinic for the past few years as a Veterinary Assistant / Receptionist.   Since moving to Lawrencetown, she has found herself a new place to call home here with us at EPVVH!

Currently her mom and herself reside with their three dogs, Tika, Finnegan and Freya, as well as their cats and two conures, Kiwi and Mango. When not working, she loves to play some video games, sew, quilt and basically anything crafty!