September is Pet Insurance Month!

You have insurance on your car, house, treasured belongings, and even on your vacation south this spring…but we often don’t stop to think about health insurance for our four legged family members.

Pets, like people at some point or another will require an unexpected visit to the doctor, so pet insurance is a sensible decision for most pet owners. Coverage for medical visits, routine health screening, dental procedures, surgeries and even accidental coverage is available for our pets depending on the coverage you choose.

Many insurance providers offer short term coverage as a trial for your pet, when you sign up at the time of a physical exam with your veterinarian.

Insurance coverage provides peace of mind in knowing our pets are protected, so we can spend more time enjoying the things that matter most in life.

This September, visit our website and Facebook page for true testimonials on how insurance has impacted the lives of our patients, and clients.