Dear valued members of the Eastern Passage Village Vet,

Eastern Passage Village Vet has been taking care of my family since its open in 1999. Dr. Courtney Sherlock and has been there for us in the roughest of times. Thanks to the team at EPVVH we have had a wonderful 14 years with our esteemed little buddle’s of joy. Our current babies that the vet team take care of are, Jacob (Toy Poodle Age 14) Jasper (Chihuahua Age 2) and our newest member of the family Jersey (Tea Cup Chihuahua Age 14 weeks), however these little buddle’s of joy are not the only members this fantastic team has cared for on our behalf. Our first member of there patient list was Relic a pure bread Pit-bull, and our recently passed little girl Jenny Lynn Nelson a Toy poodle passing at the age of 13. Because of the great doctors technicians and staff at village vet they where able to prolong our stay with the beloved Jenny. At village vet we have had everything done from Nails to needles to Major dental surgery. The staff are a wonderful caring bunch ensuring that their stay not only at there facility but also at home is comfortable and a happy place. Not only are they the best service for your vet needs but we have found this is a place where you are not a customer, your not a patient, nor are you just some file, you are their family and they treat you with love and care to not just your pets but to the owners as well. Village vet has by far changed my life in a few measures. knowing that my babies will always have the best care possible, and knowing that everyday I walk into the Village Vet I know that the esteemed staff with surly lighting my day with fun laughter and just an overall warm atmosphere. I am proud to say I have had the honour and pleasure of meeting such amazing people. I would recommend village vet to anyone and I would gladly do it with a smile. A special thanks to the team, thank you for taking care of my little ones I’d be lost without them, and I look forward to the future with you all.

With Love, Your Proudest Family members

Carrie & Andy Nelson