The Fleas Guide To Survival

Find a constant blood source… Dogs and Cats are great to snack on but other animals such as rabbits and ferrets will do just fine. If you’re desperate – bite a human!

Be inconspicuous

Don’t reside in high traffic areas. Hide in dark areas in and around the houses of your host. Floor cracks and crevices, baseboards, under rugs, carpets, and furniture and even dirt piles outside of houses make excellent hiding places.

Lay lots and lots of eggs

If you do it right, you can lay 2000 eggs in your lifetime!

Don’t be in a rush

If you know that there is not a suitable host around, just stick it out. You can stay in your nice protective cocoon for months (or even a year) – a nice furry blood meal is bound to turn up sooner or later.

Don’t be afraid to hitchhike

A lot of humans keep their cats, rabbits and other tasty furry critters in their houses. Hitch a ride on the human’s shoe to get inside – they will never know that they have brought in a hitchhiker.

Don’t worry be happy – Have no conscience

Don’t worry about the tapeworms you can transmit to animals (and possibly children) – if they ate you, they asked for it!

Don’t worry about the skin irritations/allergic reactions your salivary secretions cause animals and humans.

Don’t worry about eating too much you may cause your host to become anemic and very ill.

And finally, Steer clear of all animals treated with flea control!

Once your host has seen their veterinarian for flea control… it’s game over.