Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’ve been enjoying taking Dudley and Fiona on longer walks, and out to socialize with other dogs on the trails. They love getting out of the house for some fun in the sun.

Since I didn’t have the pups last summer, we didn’t get a chance to go swimming. This summer, I plan on teaching them both how to do the doggy paddle! Not only is it great exercise, but it will cool them down on those scorching hot days.

While we were out for a walk on a nice day last week, we came across a lake. I decided to try to get the dogs to go for a little swim. When I threw a stick in the water to get the dogs interested, Dudley walked in, but just enough to get his toes wet. Fiona was not so brave, and she stopped right at the edge before she even touched the water. As I continued to throw the stick in the water, Dudley inched farther and farther out each time. Once the stick was far enough that he couldn’t touch the bottom, he didn’t want to play the game anymore. Fiona didn’t want to play at all; she was just excited that Dudley was having fun. After about 20 minutes of fetching the stick in shallow water, he decided to go for it. He just paddled those long legs and swam!

I’m so glad that Dudley is now swimming like a true “water dog.” He continued to fetch the stick until I got tired of throwing it, but I’m sure he could have gone on forever. That must be the Labrador retriever in him!

Fiona is not interested in water at all. Maybe I can convince her once its warm enough for me to get in too, or maybe she just needs a little more encouragement.

I’m very pleased that we have a new summer activity to keep the dogs entertained. I love to see them happy, but I love to see them tired out more!