I love my dogs. They love me. They tell me this by dragging their long, wet tongue across my face. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the love, but the fact is that I know where their mouth has been.

Not only do I have two crazy puppies at home, I also have two cats.

When I first brought Dudley home one of his most favourite meals came from the cat litter box. Gross! He may have gotten away with it, if he didn’t have cat poop stuck to his teeth and blow his stinky breath in my face. Thankfully, there is a product available called “For-Bid” which will essentially make the feces taste bad (How your dog doesn’t think it tastes bad to begin with, is beyond me!) After a couple days he stopped going to the litter box and it seemed to be resolved.

When I brought Fiona home, the problem came back. Not only was she eating out of the cat litter box, she was encouraging Dudley to do the same. I suppose it keeps me from cleaning the litter box as often, but the morning breath is out of this world. I even caught Fiona eating the cat poop, while she had dog food in her bowl!

Round two of For-Bid is being given now, and I’m hoping it’ll be the last. I miss my doggy kisses!