As the saying goes “You live and you learn.”

Dudley and Fiona have become the best of friends. They like to spend all of their time together, and are rarely ever apart.

They play great together, but sometimes they can get a little rough. The sofas in our living room have become their personal jump ramps and our carpet acts as their wrestling mat. Sometimes the barking and running around can get a little crazy, but the energy it burns is out of this world.

As Dudley and Fiona were wrestling, I suddenly heard two loud, ear wrenching screams. When I look to see what happened, I realized Dudley’s bottom jaw had gotten stuck underneath, and wrapped around Fiona’s collar. With both dogs screaming in distress and the collar wrapped so tightly around his jaw, it wasn’t able to slip off and the clasp wouldn’t unlatch. I pulled the two dogs together and held Dudley’s mouth open so I could unwrap it from around his teeth. Somehow the collar managed to slip off, and both dogs were fine. They actually tried to start chewing on each other again! Silly dogs.

I have thought of a couple of ideas to prevent this from happening again. Fiona and Dudley now get their collars removed when they come into the house. I am very cautious when I open the door though, so they do not bolt outside without their collars. I also bought Fiona a new collar. The one that she was wearing was flimsy and would loosen easily. I purchased a collar that was thicker in width was fitted appropriately.

Hopefully this never happens again because I must say; it was one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. Maybe it is a blessing that I was home, because it could have been a completely different story if I wasn’t. I now take the proper precautions to prevent this