I’m not talking about how to find that “special someone” or “new words to use to impress a date” I’m giving you a few terms and definitions that you may commonly hear at Eastern Passage Village Veterinary Hospital so that you can better understand one of the most complicated and important organs in your animal’s body.

Murmur – an abnormal or extra sound that the heart makes during a heartbeat cycle. Anything out of the ordinary “lubb” “dubb” sound would be considered a heart murmur.

Arrythmia – different from a heart murmur in that arrythmias are a change in the speed of the beats and not an extra sound during the heart beats. This is caused by the electrical impulses in the heart that coordinate the beats themselves. This irregularity can cause the heartbeat to be too fast, too slow or irregular.

Heart Disease – a wide term to describe any disease of the heart

Blood Pressure – the pressure of the blood in the vessels, directly related to the strength of the heart beat.

Tachycardia – a faster than normal heartbeat

Bradycardia – a slower than normal heartbeat

Even though I may not have set you up with Mr./Ms. Right, I have given you the gift of  new vocabulary.